Diversity Perspectives in Embodiment

We are a Ciis student group bringing together CIIS students in various departments, CIIS alumni, and clinicians in the community, to offer speakers and events throughout the year on diverse practices that relate to embodiment and somatic psychotherapy. We are interested in how embodiment practices and somatic psychotherapy can be adapted to meet the needs of diverse, marginalized perspectives, particularly of race, culture, sexuality, sexual identity and gender, and conceived interdisciplinary.

We hope to inspire innovation and leadership on campus and in our programs so that we can learn to be more inclusive of different cultural perspectives, as well learn how we can bring a social justice understanding to our work. We do this by hosting speakers and innovators in these areas, people from diverse backgrounds, people who have worked with diverse populations, and through learning together as peers through experiential exploration using somatic practice to link theory and practice. We also do this by taking the initiative as students to have opportunities to reach out to the greater community and build connections.

Join our list and see how you can Get Involved!

You can also learn more about the history of this group.

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